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AkilahSiti is a multifaceted brand that offers life-enhancing skill development for individuals seeking overall improvement.


AkilahSiti offers nonjudgmental sessions on emotional IQ development, manners, etiquette and poise development, offered in a relaxed, inviting and encouraging learning environment.


As a tenured college professor, Akilah has learned to deliver content in a relatable and simplistic form that engages her audience. Compounded by her 20+years of experience learning, practicing, and teaching etiquette and charm, Akilah provides life skill lessons that few others in her professional realm can offer.

AkilahSiti offers individuals the opportunity to design themselves with confidence and a solid foundation of knowledge. She offers information that enables her audience to develop intrapersonal and interpersonal skills that enhance their overall lives.

AkilahSiti is a respected etiquette and lifestyle expert and has shared her expertise on several national television outlets, radio broadcasts, college campuses, high schools, Scout troops, corporate, private celebrity clientele and community leaders.




Poise Development

Posture correction

Back exercises

Proper heel walking

Popular Topics

Table manners

General etiquette

Emotional IQ

"Adulting 101"

Body language skills

Networking skills

Interview skills/Job readiness

Lifestyle hacks/tips

Professional Development


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Dining etiquette

Proper attire

Networking skills

Interview skills

Speaking Engagements

High School audiences

College clubs/organizations

Corporate training

Media Appearances

Lifestyle expertise

Etiquette expertise


Scientific expertise: biology/physiology/cannabis

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