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Umm, what should I wear?

Wedding season is upon us and many of us are prepping to support loved ones on their day of nuptials. One of the most common areas of confusion when you RSVP is what to wear. The wedding invite normally gives you hints on what is appropriate, but even those terms may not be clear to everyone.

So let's avoid any side eyes for having the wrong attire for the day and let all eyes stay on the bride and the groom for their special occasion.

Here are some key traditional terms, the bride should include this in the invite package.

Black tie; tuxedo and formal gowns

Formal, black tie optional; suit and tie; dresses

Semi-formal; suit and tie; cocktail dresses

Cocktail attire; suits; cocktail dress

Beach or garden party attire; summer suits and summer dresses

Casual; button down shirt; summer sundresses, a high-waisted skirt or pants with a nice blouse

Some definitions...

Formal gown; length is to the floor

Cocktail dress; length is traditionally knee length to mid shin

Summer dress; lighter breathable fabrics

Tuxedo; traditionally black with matching jacket and pant, jacket has a lapel finish of silk or satin, white button up with studs, and usually a bow tie

If these guidelines are left out of the invitation, check out the venue location detailed on the invite. Researching the location helps you to see the ambiance of the event and predict what type of an attire is appropriate. Another indicator is the time of day, formal or semi-formal attire tends to be for events scheduled in the afternoon or evening.

Some more tips…

-I still follow the old school rule of avoiding white at the wedding…I would never want to ​​stand out that day, the day belongs to the bride.

-Think comfort, you will be dancing the night away

-Avoid mid drifts, lots of cleavage, and too short of a dress that day...keep the focus on the bride.

I hope this helps you out, now you just have to figure out what gift to get the new couple.

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