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In Flight Behavior

You decided to brave the crowds and travel to see family for the holiday season! Traveling by plane can bring some questionable scenarios of proper etiquette. Before you sit back in your seat and take in a relaxing breath of that recycled air, look to your neighbor, introduce yourself, and follow some of the rules below.

Avoid window shade shadiness…

So, who controls the shade? Well of course, the person who is sitting next to it. But there is some consideration that goes along with sitting next to the shade; avoid the up and down and if the sun is blinding a quick gesture of informing your neighbors that you will pull it down is above and beyond.

Do you have a cold?

If you have a cold, wear a face mask. Don’t spread those germs, they have nowhere to go in a closed cabin. Don’t worry about how you look; your fellow passengers will appreciate your consideration.

A shower is always the best option

Always shower and wear deodorant before a flight, you never know when a layover can happen or when you may get stuck on a plane. It is better to be fresh than to have regrets.

On the other end, avoid heavy perfumes and colognes, this is just being considerate of others in flight.

Don’t force a conversation

Gauge your neighbors! After you say a welcoming hello, read their social cues to see if they are in a conversational mood. Headphones in ears or a book pulled out means they are seeking solitude for the flight.

Smelly foods

Just don’t do it - where is that smell going to go in a closed cabin?

Onions, garlic, McDonalds…eat this before getting on the plane.

How many drinks is too many?

Don’t be the sloppy drunk on the plane. You know your limits…plan to max out at 2 drinks for a long flight.

Whose armrest is it anyway?

The person in the middle gets access to middle armrests. They are stuck in the middle, let them have it. You have the outer rests.

Shoes stay on.

Leave your shoes on and do not rest your feet anywhere other than the floor. Consider bringing travel slippers if you can’t contain your feet in shoes.

Mr. Up and Down

If you know you will have to get up and down during a flight, let your neighbors know when you sit down. If is excessive, consider negotiating a seat change for the aisle seat to avoid climbing over your neighbors every five minutes.

The key is to be self-aware and prepared, consider the things that bother you as a passenger and avoid doing them to others. If you have flown in the last few years, the rules are the same…be prepared and know the rules of the airport and airplane.

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