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Akilah Siti
Culture, Etiquette, & Poise Expert


A-Key-la |See-tee


AkilahSiti is an expert having spent over 25 years immersed in learning and researching culture and etiquette. She takes pride in removing the “stuffy” and bourgeois approach to teaching and steers away from respectability politics and turns towards making individuals feel confident and comfortable in any type of life situation. An eternal tomboy, Akilah was forced into charm school when she was a young girl, this sparked her interest to continue along her journey in life learning more about culture, etiquette, and the world around her.


AkilahSiti’s wide reaching experience and educational pursuits have allowed her to explore culture and society in depth, she has translated this knowledge into teaching about various behaviors in society with her etiquette and life skills topics. Her journey and intellectual curiosity has led her down many paths as a biology, physiology and cannabis associate professor, certified in personal training and Yogafit, a certified WSET Level 2 wine expert, certifications in DE &I and Health Disparities that directly affect women. She prides herself in being a “jack of all trades and master of many!”


AkilahSiti wants to share the lessons she has learned along the way with updated and modernized tips, how to “adult” lessons and general lifestyle hacks. Her expertise has been shared on multiple national media outlets and she shares her tips on all of her social media platforms.

Please contact AkilahSiti to share her expertise with your school, company, social group or media outlet.

Visit her SERVICES page.


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